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I recently received an email from a past client who was looking for guidance on dealing with an ongoing health condition. The email conversation we had really inspired me and I want to share snippets of my words of wisdom for him because this is really true for everyone seeking to heal.

I strongly believe that having a foundation of self-care is a great place to start:

  • rest
  • good quality sleep
  • eating nourishing foods
  • managing stress
  • connecting to ourselves, others, and nature
  • movement and stretching
  • practicing gratitude
  • deep breathing and quieting the mind
  • expressing our truth
  • practicing kindness and self-love
  • spiritual connection (no matter what you believe)
  • creative expression

(there are probably many more things to add to this list too)

What I have seen over and over is that a foundation of self-care is a critical part of supporting the body to have the resources and reserves to heal. It creates resilience. Most of these only require attention and dedication. They are available to us right now to integrate into our lives. Self-care is not a perfect formula or a check list to follow. Just focusing on one area is a great place to start.

Equally important is to acknowledge areas where you are already supporting yourself. We often forget this part but I know that there are areas where you are supporting yourself- whether that’s spending time with your friends, family or kids, or eating the healthiest breakfast you can. You can build on these areas where you are already taking care of yourself.

You know you are in the direction of supporting this foundation when you experience a feeling of alignment. The symptoms or illness might still be there, but there’s an inner peace that’s also there.

I believe mind-body-spirit health is the best approach for fundamental change to happen in the body. With this foundation, acupuncture, herbs, supplements, medications and even surgery have a better chance to get lasting results.

At the very least we feel much better mentally, physically and spiritually as we undergo this healing process.

(and some might even say that this is the definition of healing)

So no matter where you are in the healing process,

Slow down

Give yourself space to think and feel and reflect.

Deeply Listen: where in your life can you take better care of yourself?

If you really listen, you will get a clear message.

Trust this message.

If you get to a place where everything needs to change…take a deep breath. Give yourself some extra love.

Start with one thing.

You have everything available to you already to start the healing process.

In the meantime, reach out for support. You never have to do this alone. 

I am here for you.

Give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to share how Chinese Medicine can support you in this healing process.

(The title is inspired by one of my favorite books, Pema Chodron’s Start Where You Are: A Guide to Compassionate Living.)

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