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A very important value of mine is creating a welcoming space in my practice for everyone who comes.

You are always welcome.

Even if you aren’t sure if you believe in acupuncture or Chinese herbs.

Even if you have tried everything and don’t know if anything can help.

You are always welcome.

Even if you haven’t taken very good care of yourself lately.

Even if you didn’t start any of the recommendations we discussed.

Even if you haven’t scheduled an appointment in a long time.

You are always welcome. 

Even if you just came from the gym, or work, or are still in your pajamas.

Even if you haven’t shaved your legs or touched up your pedicure. (clients frequently apologize for this, and you know what? this doesn’t even cross my mind)

You are always welcome. 

Even if you are feeling moody, or sad, or depressed.

Even if you feel like your life is a mess. Or your health is a mess.

This is your space to come as you are. No need to apologize for yourself. This is a space for you to experience compassionate support with your health and healing.

This is your space where you can be seen as the beautiful human being that you are… whole and perfect just as you are.

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