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I believe all women in their 20’s through 40’s need to think about their fertility health, whether or not they ever want to have children.

Fertility health is more than just the ability to get pregnant. Fertility health is really women’s health. It’s learning how your body works, how your hormones change, and being pro-active to address imbalances.

It’s about connecting to yourself. 

Here’s what fertility health looks like: 

  • regular menstrual cycles, every 25-35 days
  • moderate amounts of bleeding with each period
  • healthy menstrual cycles with minimal premenstrual symptoms
  • pain-free periods
  • balanced hormones
  • a healthy libido
  • healthy reproductive organs
  • addressing yeast and bacterial infections
  • addressing sexually transmitted infections and viruses

Fertility health is developing a relationship with your doctor and addressing gynecological health.

Fertility health is getting regular STD testing if you are sexually active with different partners.

Fertility health is being pro-active because if you do choose to start a family, your body will already be in a healthier place.

Fertility health is being pro-active so that you can transition through perimenopause and menopause from a place of health and balance.  

Too many women wait too long to address issues that they have been experiencing for years.

I totally get it. You are busy. Fertility health is not the most exciting thing to think about. And more importantly, women aren’t given the message to think about these things. If anything, we are told to ignore hormonal shifts and hide our cycles. If anything, there’s a lot of shame put on women’s bodies and sexuality. If anything, how we look on the outside is stressed way more than how healthy we are on the inside. 

So if you have areas of your health that you haven’t addressed, it’s time to make a change. It’s time to love your beautiful body by taking care of your fertility health.

Schedule an appointment with your doctor (and if you don’t have one or if you don’t like your current doctor, ask your friends for doctors that they love).

Consider acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to integrate into your fertility health plan. Chinese Medicine can help balance hormones, regulate cycles, manage PMS, ease painful periods, and address any other imbalances. We educate women on healthy practices so they can take care of their health.

This is my message to you. If you are in your 20’s through 40’s, it’s time to take care of your fertility health. It’s never too late to address imbalances. The steps you take now will help you stay healthy through all the stages of your life.

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