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I have supported many patients with various health issues- whether it’s an injury, headaches, hormonal imbalance, digestive issues, or trouble conceiving. My biggest recommendation to all of my patients is to gather all the information you can about your condition.

I strongly believe in natural medicine. I also believe in an integrative approach which means combining Western “conventional” medicine with Eastern “natural” medicine.

It can often be tricky to decide which way to go when a health issue comes up. I aways recommend for my patients to see their medical doctor first to get an evaluation and get the appropriate tests (blood test, X-ray, MRI, etc.) for a proper diagnosis. If the diagnosis requires urgent attention, then this needs to be addressed NOW.

If the diagnosis is more of a chronic issue and depending on the individual situation, I might recommend to my patients to try the natural approach for 1-4 months. In my practice, I focus on optimizing your overall health as well as using acupuncture, herbs or dietary recommendations to treat the condition. If there’s no change after a period of time, then it might be time to consider an intervention like surgery, medication etc. if appropriate.

I can’t say it enough… gather as much information as possible and ask your doctors all of your questions until you feel confident and comfortable with the direction of your care.

You can always combine a natural approach at the same time as the medical intervention. It may not be appropriate to take certain supplements or herbs with the medication, surgery or other intervention, but that doesn’t mean you can’t support your health. Believe me, your doctor will fully support your decision to eat a nourishing diet, decrease your stress levels, optimize your sleep, and gently exercise or move your body (as long as it doesn’t get in the way of an injury or recovery).

Once your health issue is stabilized or resolved, you can use the natural approach for prevention, support and optimizing your overall health.

Do you need support in deciding if a natural approach is appropriate for your health condition?

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