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I have been a fan of Dr. Lissa Rankin ever since I saw her TEDx talk. I follow her on facebook and love her Inner Pilot Light emails. She’s an OB/GYN that is now training other medical doctors in a whole-hearted way of treating patients.

Here’s something Dr. Rankin recently posted on facebook that inspired me.

“Wow. One of the docs in the Whole Health Medicine Institute has been applying in her clinical practice what we’ve been teaching at the Institute, and here’s what one of her patients just wrote (shared with permission, of course.)

“I finally got my lab results back. A few minor things were off but nothing alarming or cause for concern. I was kind of disappointed, I just knew something had to be wrong. So what is causing my insomnia and hair loss? After looking at the results of 12 different blood tests, the doctor said the same thing to me today as she did the first day she saw me- STRESS! The need to “go, go, go” and do EVERYTHING.

The doctor asked me a simple question, “If you could do ANYTHING at all in the world without there being any negative repercussions, what would you do?” I was blank, I have never thought what I would do if I could do absolutely anything. It’s always been “what SHOULD I do” or “what CAN I do”.

My “Prescription”-Leave work at work, use relaxation strategies throughout the day, have daily ‘me’ time, if I can afford it, have a person clean and do laundry, go out on dates with my husband, learn to let go (of the need to clean and do things I don’t really want to do but feel I should do), make it a point to relax and enjoy life.

How is that for natural medicine!?” (read more on Dr. Lissa Rankin’s website)

I believe in a holistic approach of medicine that includes proper medical evaluation and treatment.

I also believe in the wisdom of our body. I believe that when we slow down to connect to ourselves, we know how to restore wholeness.

My question for you: what would your healing prescription include?

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