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Telehealth Sessions Now Available

Daniela Freda Acupuncture is now available for natural medicine consults accessible from your home.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the exchange of information through electronic communication to improve a patient’s health.

What Services Do You Provide With Telehealth?

As a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner I offer the following through telehealth:

**Herbal medicine consults **Vitamin and supplement recommendations **Food therapy and nutritional guidance **Acupressure instruction **Self-care support

What Conditions Can You Help With Telehealth?

Many conditions can be helped with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Consider scheduling an appointment to treat stress, anxiety, pain, migraine and headache disorders, sleep issues, hormone imbalance associated with PMS or perimenopause/menopause, fertility, pregnancy-related issues, allergies, digestion issues, cold and flu, and more. I am also available for pro-active wellness consultations. Please contact me for more information about how these sessions can help.

What Will The Sessions Be Like?

Sessions are scheduled for 15 to 30 minutes and will be conducted either over the phone or with a telehealth video platform that can be accessed on your cell phone, tablet or computer.

We will discuss your concerns and discuss treatment options. I will follow-up our session with a treatment plan and recommendations for you to implement at home.

What Are The Fees?

New Patient Evaluation and Consultation: please contact me to schedule

Follow-up Consultation, 30 minutes: $65

Follow-up Consultation, 15 minutes: $35


Schedule your telehealth appointment using my online scheduling link: schedule.

Please email me directly with any questions: email.

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