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Health and Wellness

M. A. 8/21/2017

I’ve been going to Daniela for treatment for over 6 months now. And I’m so lucky to have found her. She’s an incredibly mindful, patient, attentive and kind acupuncturist. She also introduced me to cupping and has given me great nutritional advice.

I have mixed feelings sharing a good review for Daniela because I want to keep her all to myself, haha. But she deserves all the praise.

G.D., 1/3/2017

Daniela is the absolute best.  She’s worked with me in the past, helping regulate my cycle and manage PMS symptoms (totally worked and have been fine since).  But what really stood out was her willingness to help me most recently even though I was no longer an “active” patient of hers.  She worked to help point me in the direction of specialists specific to my current needs and was willing to share knowledge and guidance until I got the help I needed.  She validated all my concerns (when a number of doctors told me nothing was wrong), helped me figure out a solution, and guided me through the process of finding the help I needed!  Thankful I’ve had her as both a healer and guide!!!!

C.J., 7/25/2015

In just a few visits Daniela has already vastly helped me — body, mind and spirit! I knew instantly when I first read her website that I was going to like her, but I wasn’t prepared to absolutely LOVE her this quickly. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable of Chinese medicine and herbal supplements, she is also unbelievable with the 1-1 personal attention that she provides. Her knowledge is so extremely specific that it’s easy to tell she is not just lumping you into a standard practice of care, but really customizing her work to you. This is also evidenced in the tailored recommendation she provides to you during and after your sessions. My only regret in being a patient of Daniela’s is that I did not find her sooner. What a gem. I am grateful, grateful, grateful to have found her practice!

M.D, 2/11/2015

Daniela is nothing short of amazing. Her treatments eliminated chronic pain and limited range of motion in my elbow. She has also normalized my menstrual cycle. She is incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate. I’ve been seeing her regularly for the last couple of years and plan to continue working with her to maintain my health!

Y.K. , 1/7/2013

I scheduled an appointment with Daniela because I had ongoing mild acne for years and I was having horrible insomnia. Daniela helped me see the connection with my acne and my lack of sleep. She gave me the perfect herbal formula, dietary advice, acupuncture treatment, and many key tips and activities to do to help me sleep better.  Within a short period of time, I was sleeping better than I’ve had in years! I am much more happy, less stressed, and my skin has dramatically cleared!  Daniela is patient, caring, and very knowledgeable in women’s health.

R.K., 11/7/2011

Daniela’s an amazing practioner and resource! She brings a solid foundation in nutriiton, a seasoned understanding of chinese herbs and sensitve intuition to her placement of acupunture needles- all adding up to a stellar chinese medicine experience!  She also knows a ton about women’s health. I left feeling much lighter and clearer; highly recommend her work!

F.F., 9/13/2011

Daniela is just the best you will find. From her gentle way to her very thoughtful and expert advice, she is just an angel. She takes the time to listen, plans the best treatment for each person and gives an abundance of advice for eating and living in order to get the best out of life. She writes the most informative newsletter also. I am just so glad that I had crossed paths with her in life.

S.M., 9/7/2011

I know she mostly works with pregnant women but my friends just said how amazing she is so I snuck in.  I’ve been working with her for a year now and she has helped me stay healthy, full of energy and feeling great! I’ve referred her to a lot of my friends and they always come back raving as well!

E.O., 12/14/2010

I simply can’t imagine a week without Daniela, not just because her treatments have improved my quality of life, but because her care and attention makes each visit amazing!


Daniela has treated me for three years – for menstruation support, sinus allergies, pre and post partum support, etc. I love her demeanor and have always felt so taken care of by her. The office visits never feel rushed and communication and appointment scheduling is always easy. She is an amazing resource for Chinese herbs, acupuncture, and nutrition.


Daniela is gentle, caring, and very knowledgeable! She’s helped me through everything from breathing problems to gynecological issues. Her office is an oasis in the middle of the city, and I always leave feeling refreshed, nourished, and more like my best self.


Daniela is a true gem! She has great energy about her, and her work is top notch. Some acupuncturists are not so gentle with the needles, but Daniela has a very soft approach that made me feel at ease immediately. She recently helped me with my knee injury and nasal congestion problems.


I first started seeing Daniela Freda and having acupuncture treatments when I was having chronic allergy symptoms. I found Daniela to be very thorough and precise with the treatments, dietary modifications and Chinese herbal recommendations. After a couple of weeks of routine treatments, I found myself free of the sneezing, coughing and ear troubles that were associated with my allergies. She is a very warm and receptive person. I find myself very comfortable in discussing my conditions with her. On a special note to women out there, if you experience intense PMS symptoms, I recommend trying acupuncture because I have been receiving excellent results in helping me feel better and have more energy during that time of the month.


Daniela is a highly skilled acupuncturist. Her warm and professional manner combine with her knowledge of the body, nutrition, and herbal medicine to make her a great practitioner. I always leave feeling noticeably better than when I arrived – from treatments to help me heal from surgery or to get over a horrible cough. Daniela takes time at the beginning of the session to listen to me and get a good understanding of what is going on. Her presence is calm and assuring. The location is great too! Very convenient and a beautiful space.

K.B., 5/13/2009

Daniela is a very knowledgeable practitioner of TCM and acupuncture, I highly recommend her. She is kind and has a very gentle and accommodating vibe as a practitioner. What consistently impresses me most about Daniela is that whenever I see her, she references recent lectures and workshops she has completed. She is really passionate about continuing to learn about advancements in TCM. If you’ve never been to acupuncture (or are an acupuncture vet) Daniela is an excellent practitioner to choose.

C.V., 1/16/2009

Daniela is a wonderful practitioner, whose balance you can feel when you walk into her treatment space. She offers comprehensive treatment with guidance on diet and lifestyle modifications in order to continue the healing changes she sets in motion with her acupuncture needles and herbal prescriptions. I highly recommend her as a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine!

N.J. update, 11/28/2011

Daniela has been my acupuncturist for a while and she’s a good one! She has treated me for allergy-related asthma, and back problems. Her intake is quite good. She will recommend nutritional support for one’s ailments in addition to having contact with a good number of western and eastern doctors she refers one to. Her office is conveniently located to several mass transit lines and she also has really flexible office hours; it’s rare for me not to be able to get an appointment in a timely manner. I also like that she handles booking her appointments so there is no front desk staff to contend with.

N.J., 5/24/2008

Daniela is a great acupuncturist. I’ve seen her for several health issues from bronchitis, lower back pain and allergies. She’s very helpful in suggesting nutritional support for whatever health issues I’m experiencing in addition to administering pain-free needle work. But my favorite are the herbs!!  Daniela has a gentle touch when applying needles and will modify her treatment if you are feeling any discomfort. She takes her time talking to her patients in order to get a real sense of what the problem may be. I’ve been seeing Daniela for several years and wouldn’t consider going to anyone else. Her office is centrally located in the Castro and is very comfortable.

S.H. 2/25/2008

I first approached Daniela Freda during the summer of 2007. I had developed what appeared to be a heat rash and hive-like welts on my chest that had not resolved in two weeks time and were worsening when I reached out to Daniela.  I saw her three times that first week and was completely pain and itch free afterward. I very much enjoy what I experience as her warm bedside manner, her sincere care, support – and knowledge.  She gave me a list of supportive foods and herbs to consume and followed my case very closely calling and emailing me to inquire about my progress.  The sessions contributed greatly to the healing process.

R.M. 2/7/2008

The thing that most sets Daniela apart from other practitioners is her ability to listen. When I visit her office I feel like she really hears my concerns and needs and responds to them. I have gone to see her for many different symptoms, ranging from muscle pains to the flu and I have gotten great results every time. Her office space is clean and relaxing, and she provides expert advice on herbs and medicinal foods. I can’t recommend her highly enough!


Among all the acupuncturists I visited since childhood, Daniela is definitely the most caring practitioner.  She took the time to get to know my general health and explain her work in detail.  I completely trusted her  knowledge, skill and work ethic after working with her in the past year.  She has wonderful personality and her work result is phenomenal.  I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Fertility and Pregnancy


Daniela has been a lifesaver for me in coping with severe morning sickness. Not only has the acupuncture helped manage my symptoms, but her approach is truly integrative — she has given me great advice about when to seek conventional treatment as well, and how to manage the treatments in concert. She also has a wealth of knowledge about other practitioners in the city and has referred me to other great people where appropriate.

Daniela has a calming and supportive presence and really makes sure you are comfortable during the treatments.

I also really appreciate how easy it is to work with Daniela — receipts, appointment reminders, etc are all online, she accepts credit cards and is super quick to respond to questions by email. She’s also great at giving me techniques to try at home and sending supplementary materials so they are easy to understand.

V.I., 3/25/2015

Daniela is a very compassionate person, she followed all my pregnancy with acupuncture and gave me very good recommendations regarding food and things to do to have a healthy pregnancy and treat all the ailments that came along the 9 months. she even helped me go through the post partum days.
I would definately recommend her.

L.M., 4/14/2014

Hi Daniela. I just wanted to let you know that my little 8lb boy arrived safe and sound…. I went into very early labor about 2am on Wednesday morning (the night after my second appointment with you) and had a great, completely natural labor and delivery at UCSF. We’re now home settling in.

Who knows that combinations of factors led to this, but it seems entirely possible that my appointments with you helped out. I’m so glad I didn’t have to have an induction, and I wanted to thank you so much for fitting me in and for your awesome support and positive attitude during the final days of my pregnancy.

M.S., 11/16/2013

If the kid Daniela helped me have had turned out to be a girl, I might have named her after her. I can’t say enough good things about this amazing acupuncturist/TCM practitioner. After years of trying to get pregnant with no. 2, and two unsuccessful rounds of IVF, I began to look into alternative treatments. My first practitioner was good (and fairly well known in the Bay area), but insanely expensive, and when I told them about my financial concerns, I was pretty much fired. Not really what you need in that situation…but then I found Daniela on Yelp and decided to give it a try. From the first session, I felt that I could trust her completely, and her wonderful optimism proved to be contagious. After each treatment, I left her cozy practice feeling both relaxed and energized, and little by little my fertility anxiety disappeared. Daniela has this way about her – how to describe it – a wise Chinese elderly in the body of a young Western woman. I’ve never met anyone like her. Her knowledge of TCM is impressive, and her recommendations for lifestyle changes are actually feasible (as in: she knows that her patients are human beings. Stuff happens. Still drinking coffee or wine? Not ideal, but better to have some than obsess over being deprived from it.) Through her treatments and under her guidance, my overall health improved significantly, and within a few months, bam, I was pregnant. Fast forward to the present: I’m the proud mom of a super healthy baby boy, and my only regret at this point is that I moved back to the East coast and couldn’t take Daniela with me.

K.H., 10/22/2013

Daniela is amazing!  I often say I “blame” her for getting pregnant without even trying. 🙂  Our 1st appt, I told her my hubby and I were just *thinking* about having a baby, and voila, I was pregnant less than a month later.  And then I find out it was twins!  wow.  Daniela then supported me with acupuncture throughout my twin pregnancy.  At 18 weeks, I found out there were complications and was not given a good prognosis from my western docs.  The twins were identical, sharing the placenta, and one was not getting enough of her share.  I was put on bed rest among other things.  Daniela supported me above and beyond what she needed to do– she would make house calls, she researched the best possible treatment for me, and consulted with her colleagues.  I really feel like the care she provided me helped me carry the twins as far as I did– to a point where they were viable and healthy (although very premature).  My girls are now almost 3 and perfectly healthy and happy.  Thank you Daniela!

L.G., 8/14/2013

I found Daniela when looking for fertility specialists.  I worked with her from conception through postpartum with my first pregnancy and cannot recommend her highly enough.

She is incredibly knowledgeable, knows the right questions to ask and has a calm, soothing demeanor.  I had as comfortable a pregnancy as could be expected and attribute a lot of this to Daniela and the acupuncture practice. I am a true believer in acupuncture to aid in healing and thriving and feel Daniela brings out the best in what an acupuncturist can do for us!

J.P., 2/28/2013

I had been struggling with infertility for about 8 years, and was on my last round of clomid before my OB was going to transfer me to a fertility specialist. I had heard about Acupuncture and how it could help with infertility. I had read great things about Daniela, and even though her office was an hour and a half away I decided I had to try this. Daniela was great, and spent a lot of time discussing all of my concerns and issues I’d been dealing with. She explained acupuncture, which was great as I didn’t know much about it. She also talked to me about my diet, and had me do a fertility cleanse, which after just 4 weeks I had dropped 16 pounds – And I was really surprised how easy it was for me to just eat natural non-processed foods and feel satisfied.

I’m happy to say after several accupunture treatments with Daniela I’m now 38 weeks pregnant with my first child.

I just wish I was closer to her office to continue with the treatments throughout my pregnancy.

C.C., 1/12/2012

I went to see Daniela when my husband and I were talking about getting on the baby band wagon. Now, 10 months later I’m 33 weeks pregnant and enjoying bi monthly appointments with Daniela.  Not only is she super pleasant to be with, sort of like a great girlfriend you get to see on the regular, but she has a wonderful touch and is very knowlegeable about all things Chinese herbal and acupuncture.  My baby loves the treatments, and always gives kicks of excitement when I’m on the table.

Pre pregnancy she helped us kick start things with a Fertility Cleanse that was awesome, and got us really healthy and clean before we brought a new life into this world.  I have another girlfriend who began seeing her and she is also pregnant now too.

I highly recommend Daniela’s services, for whatever ails you. I plan on seeing her after the birth of the baby to get back on track with weight and nutrition.


I came to Daniela for my general health and to help with my fertility treatments. Daniela was warm and caring and really takes the time to get to know you as a patient. I had acupuncture before and after my IVF treatment and am currently eight months pregnant 🙂 I would highly recommend Daniela!

A.K., 9/13/2011

I started seeing Daniela for overall health and to boost my fertility when my partner and I decided we wanted to have baby. Daniela is warm, caring and extremely knowledgeable about the whole prenatal experience. She counsels me on nutrition and herbal support in addition to the fantastic acupuncture sessions. I saw her regularly during the conception process and  have continued to see her throughout the pregnancy. I had no morning sickness and have had amazing energy. I am certain that my care with Daniela has contributed immensely to how great I feel and how quickly I was able to conceive. Baby comes soon. Thank you, Daniela!


My husband and I really loved our Healthy Pregnancy appointment with Daniela- it gave us so much optimism!

R.K., 8/30/2011

I started seeing Daniela a few months back and I am very happy with her. I wanted to see her to get my reproductive health in order as I am planning for my next child and I wanted to increase my chances conceiving a child as easily as possible.

Daniela is very smart and a good listener. She has a ton of knowledge on nutrition with regard to fertility but also just general health. I’m a data person and she has sent me Harvard studies and various articles to back up all the advice she has given me, which I love. She is available via email or phone via questions. I try and be respectful of her time but I like that I don’t feel like I have to save all my questions for the next time I see her when an answer today could help me, today!

I was also having some troubles with feeling a bit out of balance hormonally and Daniela recommended some herb supplements which have helped me tremendously. I felt the effects of them in a few days! If you are looking to get pregnant, want some help balancing your moods, or just want some help with keeping your general health in tip top shape, you should book an appointment with Daniela today.  I highly recommend her and I am very thankful that I found such a smart, talented and dedicated practitioner who really cares about her clients and who I really trust.


I’ve been seeing Daniela for acupuncture for 5 years to support me with depression, anxiety and overall health. When my husband and I were ready to start a family, Daniela helped me with boosting my fertility. During my pregnancy, Daniela has been extremely supportive and helped me get through this pregnancy with more ease. I suggest to everyone to see Daniela because working with her changed my life.


Thank you for supporting me throughout my pregnancy, I am confident that your treatment helped me execute my ideal birth plan.

Migraine and Headaches


Daniela changed my life. She has been an integral figure in balancing my health with migraines, my period, and general well-being. She is an excellent resource with a vast amount of knowledge. She also worked with me through the process to find a good balance and is one of the very few incredibly caring practitioners out there in the field.  I will always go back to her.

E.O., 12/14/2010

I am in absolute bliss after every treatment and my migraines and allergies have improved beyond anything I could have imagined: they’re basically non-existent since seeing Daniela!

I have suffered from severe allergies (eyes swelling shut and staying in doors for days on end) and severe migraines (as many as 4+/week) since childhood. After years of medications that never fully worked and worried about the long-term effect on my health I had enough and a friend recommended Daniela.

In my nearly 6 months of treatments, Daniela has helped me uncover multiple migraine triggers I can now avoid, natural herbs that have removed the remaining allergy symptoms that regular medication hasn’t, and even helped speed my recovery from a recent surgery (so much so that my doctor was rather surprised by my progress in healing twice as fast as usual!).

I simply can’t imagine a week without Daniela, not just because her treatments have improved my quality of life, but because her care, attention, and guidance makes each visit amazing!

R.F., 4/25/2010

SEVEN weeks and counting. Seven glorious, eye-opening, life-changing WEEKS free of migraines!! (This is after months of having 2-3 migraines per week.)

It was all about the migraine elimination diet taught to me by lovely Daniela. The recipe for success: diet eliminating common migraine triggers, acupuncture & craniosacral therapy. Now that I’m reducing the number of acupuncture/craniosacral treatments I get, Daniela has made herself 100% available via email/phone. Any questions I have about the diet, how to interpret results as I add foods back in etc, she is right there with timely responses and massive encouragement. She is a masterful healer and I credit her entirely for empowering me to resolve my migraine issues.

Seven weeks, going on eight. *knocks on wood* (but not knocking on my noggin, cause, well, you know don’t wanna be too fool-hardy)


Acute and Chronic Pain

W.B., 2/12/2019

I am a professional dancer, athlete and deep tissue bodyworker.  I have been working with Daniela Freda, L.Ac. on a weekly basis for the past few months.  She has been helping me with several joint inflammation issues, and chronic back and hip pain.  I LOVE her approach as it is very comprehensive and takes into account the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of my wellbeing.  I feel that my care is created individually, just for me, and that she is very knowledgeable about the mind/body connection.  She had recommended amazing apps, podcasts, books, and on-line programs that have helped immensely in my healing process.  The combination of her hands on care and my home studies have put me on a healing track that I know will assist me for a lifetime.  Thank you, Daniela, I’m feeling much better from head to toe and MUCH more confident about maintaining a way of thinking that aligns with the  health and healing vision I have for myself.

L.L., 2/8/2019

Daniela Freda Acupuncture provides attentive and responsive acupuncture services  by providing quality care to help alleviate my neck and back pain. Her extensive knowledgeable and resourceful information provides relief in a comfortable, safe and professional space.

Daniela’s expertise in acupuncture has effective health benefits.

After our sessions she provides suggestions for Herbal Supplements to complement  her holistic approach and wellness program in conjunction with Mind-Body information.

Daniela implemented “Cupping” treatment in conjunction with the acupuncture to complement this approach to pain reduction and management.

After four sessions, I’m feeling a significant and noticeable  improvement in my overall health and I unequivocally recommend Daniela Freda. Her expertise and caring support exceeded my expectations. My acupuncture sessions have been a positive experience!

E.R., 9/11/2012

I sought help from Daniela for 4-5 cysts on top of my foot.  The cysts caused (grotesque!) swelling and limited my ability to find comfortable shoes and fully enjoy hiking, walking and yoga. The not-acceptable-solutions from three podiatrists were to “live with it” or surgically remove the cysts, risky due to location on top of a major artery and a 40 – 60% recurrence.

Daniela offers a telephone consult prior to scheduling an appointment.  From this first conversation, Daniela instilled confidence as to her knowledge and experience with my specific problem.

Daniela proved to be an amazing practitioner!  Her genuine warmth immediately put me at ease and enabled easy communication. She is clearly very knowledgeable – willing to answer lots of questions, explain treatment plans and give practical advice. She is warm, compassionate, and an incredibly good listener.

But the best is:  The acupuncture treatment itself was so relaxing and grounding that I happily continued beyond an initial period of little change.  But by week three….two days following each treatment I saw a reduction in swelling until….my cysts are now totally gone!  Thank you, Daniela, for restoring my foot health and ability to do all the activities that makes my life so enjoyable!


I sought out Daniela Freda after months of suffering from neck and back pain. Daniela immediately put me at ease during the interview process by her kind demeanor and her poignant questioning. Seeing Daniela was truly an amazing experience and I wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone.


Daniela is a healer. I initially began to receive acupuncture treatments from Daniela for pain in my shoulders, arms, wrists and hands, due to repetitive stress from work. Daniela’s strategy was to begin addressing the pain before it got out of hand. And it worked! I continued seeing Daniela even after there wasn’t any more pain because I was convinced that it was her treatments that had made the difference.


I’ve seen Daniela for a few years with great results. She has always been delicate and open to what ails me, from my knees to my tight shoulders and back.

R.C. update, 6/6/2012

Two (plus) years since that nagging pain in my neck is now no longer a pain in my ass. For years I live with chronic pain that made life very uncomfortable. But after a few visits with Daniela those days are thankfully over.

No more am I fearful of sitting on chairs without backs or dread long flights on airplanes. It has gotten to the point where I don’t even think about it and have completely forgotten what it was like to live with pain.

I have Daniela to thank for this. I spent countless hours searching for a cures and it wasn’t until I sat down with Daniela who was able to correctly diagnose my problem and then treat and heal me back to 100 percent. Daniela doesn’t talk “at you”, she actually listens and carefully evaluates your issue and with care takes what she believes is the best course of action to treat you.

Daniela is also a genuinely nice person and I totally enjoy my sessions. She is caring and compassionate and will remember the most minor of details of your life.

The only downside of this now my visits to her office are fewer than they used to be. But on the bright side I still do head over for minor maintenance on my body.

R.C. 4/21/2010

I have completed my assignment and recently finished my prescribed four sessions. It is absolutely amazing how much better my shoulder feels and can honestly say that I am now officially pain free. Over the last month I have been in many situations where my shoulder would without question become aggravated, but not even a trace of discomfort at all manifests itself.

For those of you who are skeptical or afraid of needles, I get that. I was too, it took me some time before I actually took my wife’s advice and sought treatment. I have heard all the horror stories about “how those damn needles hurt” or ” my acupuncturist doesn’t listen or address my concerns” I am here to tell you that Daniela does listen and only once did I even feel a needle and it was only for a half second and the pain was instantly gone. Her method of treatment is very professional and she takes the time to listen and will explain in easy to understand detail how she will go about treating your ailment. She is highly skilled at her profession and it shows.

Daniela is also very easy to work with and very responsive. She always responds back to emails and questions in a timely manner and makes booking appointments a snap.

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