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I have to say that I don’t know of many other acupuncturists who approach headache and migraine treatment in the comprehensive way that I do. With the Holistic Program I offer it’s way more than just the acupuncture. Acupuncture can greatly help to rebalance the body. In addition to acupuncture, I believe in a comprehensive approach to really get to the root of things so my patients are empowered to manage their own migraines.

My treatment approach has evolved from my own experience of migraine disease. I had my first migraine at four years old. I guess you could say, it’s personal.

I’ve been on a long journey to find relief with my migraine episodes which has included exploring Western medication routes as well as alternative holistic routes. Honestly, if Western medications worked for me, I may never have explored a holistic route. I was just one of those people who tried every single triptan medication (triptans are an abortive medication that can stop an acute migraine) and had terrible side effects with no pain relief. Luckily, I found a holistic approach to manage the migraines before I needed to explore daily preventative medications.

What was true for me and what I have seen for almost every single one of my patients with migraine disease is that a holistic approach is key to decreasing the frequency and severity of their migraine episodes. What I mean by “holistic” is that we seek to balance the whole body and not solely focus on the problem area. With a holistic approach we definitely treat the migraine and headache. And we also look at finding the underlying imbalances that might be contributing to the migraine attacks. We look for triggers that might be contributing so that people start to have an understanding of their migraine pattern. This information is so powerful because my patients can start to approach their migraines from a place of empowered prevention instead of always reacting to a migraine or fearing the next one.

This holistic approach can take time because many people need to try several approaches to find a combination that works. It takes commitment because it means dedicating to their healing. Sometimes it means trying things that don’t work, learning from this and trying the next thing. It’s definitely a journey. A well-worth journey because there’s so much insight and understanding along the way, and many times there’s some noticeable relief from migraines along the way.

What I offer my patients is all the support I wished that I had gotten from the doctors and practitioners I personally went to for help. And I went to many, many doctors and practitioners and I tried many, many different approaches. What I wished I had was someone to help me manage all of the treatments I was receiving, to guide me on my path, and to hold the bigger picture of my care. Instead, my experience was fumbling from doctor to doctor and practitioner to practitioner.

I learned so much from each experience and this is what I have to share with my patients. I approach each person’s migraine disease as unique to them and I guide each of my patients on their own path to healing. I spend time listening to their story. I ask questions about their health to uproot underlying issues. I use my Chinese Medicine expertise to look at the patterns of their migraine episodes and headaches. I look at their life- their diet, their stress levels, their sleep patterns and more. I also study their migraine diaries and use this to guide us in possible treatments. I refer them to the appropriate doctors and practitioners. I recommend the best supplements and herbs for their bodies. I stay on top of the latest research for acupuncture treatments for migraines. I also compassionately support them through the possible ups and downs of this path.

I am dedicated to supporting patients with migraine disease because there are a lot of us out there who need this kind of support. I also want to be a voice for hope. Although not everyone may experience complete freedom from migraine episodes, they can get better- much, much better. And when we live from an empowered place instead of reacting to the next possible migraine, we can finally feel like we are participating in our own life.

If you or someone you love needs support with migraine disease and headaches, I am here to help. 

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