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I believe our bodies are brilliant, amazing and perfect.

I believe the natural state of our body is balance. When we are good to our bodies by listening to our needs and nourishing ourselves, our body is happy and healthy.

I believe in trusting our bodies. I believe that symptoms are the body’s way of communicating that it needs support. Many times, these symptoms tell us that change is needed and we need to step up and take better care of ourselves.

I believe in supporting our bodies by caring for ourselves in the best possible way right now.

I believe in thanking our bodies. Our bodies are strong and resilient. Even when we push our bodies with stress and overwork, our body is always doing the best possible to keep up.

I believe in the wisdom of our bodies. When we stop and feel, our bodies always guide us in how to best take care of ourselves.

I believe in honoring our bodies- by nourishing ourselves with delicious and nutritious food as well as laughter and hugs and movement.

I believe in loving our bodies- because it is the only body we will ever have and every day that we are alive is a blessing.

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