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I am passionate about educating people about their menstrual cycles.

I am also passionate about supporting people to balance their cycles with natural medicine. Traditional East Asian Medicine offers effective support to get to the root of hormonal issues. We support people throughout the cycle with acupuncture and herbs to help restore hormonal balance. Many people will see a positive shift in the health of their cycles within three to four months of regular treatments.

If you are trying to get pregnant or if you are planning to conceive in the future, balancing your hormonal cycles is important to optimize fertility.

In this series, I share the four signs of a healthy menstrual cycle as well as healthy steps you can take to connect to your body.

Please note that people on hormonal birth control and IUDs may not be able to use these signs to understand their hormonal health since birth control can over-ride natural cycles. I still think it’s important information for everyone to understand, so please read on.

Sign #1: Regular Cycles

Healthy cycles are typically 25-35 days apart. The average length is 28 days. 

If you track your cycles, you will notice that your periods usually occur with the same frequency from month-to-month within a couple of days, for example every 27-28 days. This is considered your normal cycle frequency for your body. Some women may have 29-30 day cycles and this would be considered their normal frequency.

Healthy Step: I encourage you to track your cycles.

It’s as easy as downloading an app or writing it down on your calendar. Start tracking the first day of your period (the first day of bleeding is considered Day 1 of your cycle). If you want to learn even more about your body, you might consider tracking any symptoms you notice during the whole month (irregular spotting, headaches, acne outbreaks, mood shifts, etc).

If you observe that your cycles are consistent within a couple of days with 25-35 days between cycles, this is considered a sign of hormonal health.

If your cycle is consistently longer or shorter than 25-35 days for three or more menstrual cycles or if you aren’t menstruating at all, seek support from an OB/GYN to determine any possible health issues.

Traditional East Asian Medicine can help regulate menstrual cycles with a natural approach.

I am always happy to consult with you and let you know if Traditional East Asian Medicine is a good option. Feel free to set up a free 15 minute consultation with my office.

Next up on the series: I will discuss Sign #2 which is observing the premenstrual time of your cycle.

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