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In Part 1 of this series, I discussed Sign #1 which is that healthy cycles have a regular frequency and occur 25-35 days apart.

Sign #2: Healthy Premenstrual Time

It’s normal to experience mild shifts in your body (for example in energy, mood, libido, and more) as your hormones naturally shift.

Healthy Step: Observe your Premenstrual time

In Part 1 of this series, I suggested keeping track of the frequency of your cycles using an app or calendar. I would like to add another step: track any premenstrual changes you notice. By understanding the premenstrual shifts, you can connect to your body and support yourself in a healthy way.

The shifts in your body before your period are part of a normal cycle. You may notice a deeper connection to your feelings (especially compassion, sadness, and anger). You may notice changes in energy levels, digestion, appetite, libido, sleep, and skin.

Healthy Step: Dedicate time for self-care during your premenstrual time.

You can work with the natural shift in your cycle by supporting your body with self-care. You might enjoy taking a bath, walking in nature, exercising, laughing with friends, sipping a warm cup of tea, cuddling with your partner, writing in a journal, and going to sleep a little earlier. Listen to your body.

Be proactive by scheduling these self-care practices as part of your regular routine before your period is expected. (and why not enjoy these practices all month long, too!) By working with your body’s natural shifts, you can experience more ease this time of the month.

If PMS is taking over your life…

Some people experience moderate to severe premenstrual symptoms that affect their daily enjoyment and functioning, their relationships with loved ones, and their work. They may have headaches or migraines, insomnia, digestive disturbance, low energy, mood swings, depression, anxiety, intense cravings and more. These can last a couple of days before the period or even starting two weeks before.

Chinese Medicine can help.

You don’t need to suffer. Acupuncture and herbs can help ease these premenstrual symptoms so you can continue to enjoy your life. In my practice, I recommend weekly acupuncture treatments for 3-4 months to naturally balance and improve your hormonal health. I often recommend herbs and supplements, healing foods, and lifestyle recommendations to help.

Next up on the series: I will discuss Sign #3 which is observing your periods.

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